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Veggie Parade

A Healthy Outside Starts From Inside..

 It is said you are what you eat. But nowadays where nutrition is bargained with convenient packaged junk food, it is crucial to cultivate good food habits specially in kids. With this concern, BBISDW organized a Veggie Pride Parade for their kindergarten kids. Our tiny tots were looking deliciously adorable in attractive vegetable costumes. Kids were divided into specific part of nutrient family- carbohydrates, protein, fiber, fats, iron, vitamins and minerals. Kids march pass in the school premises with the banner ‘’Marching Nutrients’’ and were sloganeering the quotes like eat to nourish, avoid junk food, food is fuel and many more. This parade was informative as well as a reminder for all of us to rectify our eating habits because after all food is good, it’s the habit which is bad. It was a fun and learn activity.