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 Education that promotes sound values, self-discipline, responsibility and excellence in learning is the need of the  hour. We aim at training our students to strive for personal excellence in order to take leadership in enabling their fellow citizens in creating a just society .The esteemed and intellectual faculty of this institution aspires to draw the best from within the students. We create an ambience that is not only congenial but also student-centered. Learning by doing and activity oriented teaching are few of the many approaches adopted to develop a student-friendly environment in the school. Hence, teaching and learning becomes an enriching experience both for the teacher and the students.
We try to create a climate where values of love, freedom, sincerity and justice are experienced and lived out by all. We commit ourselves to network effectively among our own and other schools and agencies who promote similar values in order to assist human community. We work to create a scientific temper in our students who get conscious of the problems and need of the society and are able to analyze and critique the same. This prominent emphasis on demeanor commences the journey of a fruitful life at BBIS. The initial years in the life of students mould them into being the ideal citizens of tomorrow. Therefore, the children develop into and acquire what they practice living for and with.
May BBIS continue to be a trend setter in child centric learning, holistic development and empowered teaching and be a pearl of hope for generations yet to come.

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