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Excursions 2

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”

It is rightly said for excellent grooming of a student, out of the box experiences are a must. Our school strongly motivates and support the unconventional yet result oriented methods to succour students in today’s cutting edge era that is why the school has been and will be planning trips and picnics outside the school environment such as Eco Adventure Camps, Outstation trips and frequent little Picnics & Visits.


Students enjoyed variety of excursions like picnic at world of wonders, visit to Sulabh International foundation, India International Center, Asola forests and Jaipur trip.


Last year many such excursions were planned which proved to be beneficial for the students and teachers as well. Teachers during excursions spend quality time with their students and get to know them closely out of the monotonous environment.

Such activities proves to bring out the best of the student-teacher relationship and helps to get better results in the classrooms.


Some of the students and teachers shared their views with us on their personal favourite excursions:



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