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Alumni Speak

It's only how we want to make it.

It's not all about big buildings and a big play ground or large surface area all the time sometimes it's about the Teachers , students , workers and that each and every person who is working for that constitutes it altogether.
When we are talking about our school , then it will seem very difficult to describe all at once in words.
Specially when it's about my journey to BBIS ,
From first day to last day of school,
From the first lecture to the last lecture I attended over there,
From that first morning assembly to the last one ,
From the first function of the school till the day of farewell,
From the first time when we ate lunch sitting on back benches of the classes to those mini parties at canteen,
From every exam, every lesson, every result and everyhting,
Everyhting is just confined to my heart.
And these beautiful memories are just immortal, unforgettable and way too much precious.
Because one can not experience school life in his or her life twice, that's why One is supposed to live it to the fullest.
I have got alot of experiences, pleasures, joys , friends , inspirations and much more.

This school has taught me everything which a student needs to know for the future and for the upcoming life.
SCHOOL a word which contains six letters same as MEMORY!
They two contains same letters and a same meaning.
As school life comes only once in a lifetime and it lefts all of us spellbound by making it a beautiful memory and a way for living a happiest life ever after.
And now if I will start writing about each and every phase which has been passed during school life then it will end up by writing books , passages and much more.
Because Words just can't express what it really means and what it has actually given all of us.
In simple words the SCHOOL was just A sweet heaven filled with unexpected gestures and sentiments only.

Neha Tomar (2016-17)


“My years in BBIS were indeed something I dearly treasure. I owe a great deal to this school. It has contributed so much to the person I am today; be it by the means of honing my skills or instilling moral principles and values or by the simplest basic pursuit of any school- providing education. I spent 8 years in BBIS and and during that journey I played various roles as student i.e. band member, a contestant in a competition, cabinet member, and so on. Albeit my dynamics, the Institute constantly played a grounded role as a field where I, as a student could challenge myself to be a better version of myself.  Today, as I look back I see my glorious school years filled with immense joy, cliché teen problems, and unending opportunities I received from my teachers. I am grateful to BBIS, its faculties, and management for having me, trusting me, teaching me, being my second home, and moreover, for being the source of role models, I look up to today. Shortly said: “Thank you BBIS, I miss you” ”

 Harleen Kumar (2015-16)


I took admission in 10th class. Being a new student I was afraid of the nepotism. But I was never treated that way. I never felt alienated. The school always listen to your problems/ideas and works on it in the best possible way. Being an ex-Head Girl, I received the best from the school. It helped me to gain confidence and build leadership qualities. When you know you are a leader, you never like to fail down and I think that’s what keeps you going onto the path of success. Be your own leader and seek for the best opportunities because the school never fails to provide it in enormous amount.

Yamini Bansal (2015-16)


I came in to school a couple of times and each time I thought I would feel different.  Alien.  But it just felt like every day.  You may have lived out of your home for a very long time , but when you are back, the joy of experiencing familiar surroundings is extraordinary. What makes me more happy is when I meet every person,  whether it is the teacher, or the guard, or other school staff members, that is when the feeling of alienation is removed and you feel at home

I just started my fifth semester and time flies. But amidst all this, I manage to visit the school once in e every year. It’s like a ritual to me now. It’s like every person visits the most sacred, shrine or temple every once in a year, I shall do the same.

If I’m in this phase of life,  studying in one of the most prestigious university, it is because of my school, that is The Bal Bhavan International School, has made me worthy of it. It doesn’t matter if I had to leave school in mid 11th, I still believe it is this school that moulded my career,  that helped me work towards my goal, and I’m sure that the level of dedication and love that our teachers and our hon’ble principal gave us is nothing less than that we get in our homes

I therefore, am proud and honoured to be the part of Bal Bhavan International School and would pray for everyone’s well being and take blessings to do well in future.

Anirudh Kaushik (2014-15)


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