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Rules & Discipline

1. The School community is expected to live in the spirit of brotherhood, peace, harmony, good citizenship and reflect high moral values at all times.
2. Students are governed by this code of conduct from the time they join School till the time they leave.
3. All students must adhere to this code of conduct faithfully at all times to maintain a very high standard of behavior and conduct in the School.

Special attention will be paid to:
1. They must be smartly dressed in accordance with School regulations. Untidy and unkempt haircuts shall not be permitted.
2. They must be considerate, courteous and polite to all students, adults and helpers.
3. All teachers and visitors must be respectfully wished in a befitting manner.
4. All members of the faculty and prefects are responsible for the discipline of the School and compliance with all rules.
5. Students must interact with teachers respectfully at all times, and obey instructions given to them, both in the class and on campus.

Physical and Verbal Abuse:
1. Any form of verbal or physical abuse in the School is totally unacceptable. Under no circumstance would students abuse or fight with each other. Strict action will be taken against the defaulter.

1. Students are expected to wear the prescribed uniform at all times. Private clothing is not worn on the School campus unless specified.

Leave Rules:
1. Any leave required must have prior permission from the class teacher.
2. All students are expected to have at least 90% attendance during the year. Students who fall short of attendance at the end of the year will not be allowed to sit for the promotional examination.
3. In case of emergency in the student’s immediate family, leave will be granted.
4. All medical leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

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