Conventions / Workshops

There are many things that we as educators and future administrators can do to further our education and increase our ability and the ability of our students.


The workshops gears at providing students with psychologically relevant tips and tricks to improve their concentration and to get them to attend to anything from studies to hobbies, better. This is aimed at new age kids who are addicted to gadgets and unable to focus on anything for more than very brief periods.Good teachers become great teachers by going beyond the call of duty and beyond the textbook.



Good touch Bad touch

It is best to prepare our children for the thorns in the path of life. In a very pro-active and comprehensive fashion our facilitators take the children participants through what is ‘bad touch’ and how to distinguish it from ‘good touch’. The workshop also drills into them what they are to do if they ever experience this sort of bad touch. This workshop delivery is modified slightly depending on the age of the children participating.


Confident Communication

Nowadays it is really important to come across as a confident communicator. Not everyone has the same level of expressiveness but they can all be trained to communicate in an effective manner through workshops.


Examination Stress

Competitiveness and the quest for excellence creates a lot of stress in the minds of students. Board examinations are given a lot of importance. Parents and teachers are also somewhat responsible for this. This workshop is aimed at teaching students how to understand their own examination stress and giving them coping strategies.


Health and hygiene

 Personal hygiene is important for many reasons, for instance, to have a better personality, a good health, for social reasons and for psychological issues. Good hygiene perpetuates a nice image of an individual in a society. Emphasizing on good personal hygiene can reduce a risk of many social, metal, and health problems. The good personal hygiene is as simple as hand washing which can reduce the plethora of illnesses, infections, and disorders. In a social situation a clean and tidy appearance can boost one’s confidence and reflects a positive image of that individual to others. It is more frequently noticed that a clean and tidy person usually gets more attention in a public platform and people usually treads to trust him/her moreModern Parenting:


Psychological perspectives

Today’s children are learning and adapting to this ever-changing world of digitalization. As they evolve, so should our parenting styles and patterns. In this workshop we focus on some specific issues related to children and then a free question and answer session. The purpose of this is not to teach anybody how to be a parent but to make them aware of the behavioural principles behind how everyone from a toddler to a teenager function.


 Parenting for special children

This workshop is generally done with a small group of parents who have special needs children. The workshop is an intimate discussion of the shared hardships and joys of having a special child and the participants learn as much from each other as from the trainer. Some psychologically sound methods of managing a special child and improving their quality of life are also shared.

Positive Classroom Management

In this age of no-punishment and audio visual teaching aids, teachers have to get creative to manage a classroom. Whether they are teaching adolescents or kindergarten, it is more difficult than ever now to hold the attention of so many students at once and get them to perform to the best of their abilities. This workshop facilitates a dialogue amongst teachers on tried and tested methods and new ones on class management while also giving them the psychological background behind what works and what doesn’t.


Tackling The Tough Ones:

As a teacher, adolescents are a particularly difficult bunch to handle. Even more difficult might be their questions on the somewhat taboo topics of sensitive issues. Often the children who have no one else to turn to with their queries open up to a particularly warm teacher


Awareness to recognize mental disorders in students

Out of the many students in a class, there may be some whose behavior is aberrant or unmanageable. A teacher is in a prime position to observe and report on the child’s developmental status in the classroom, hence it becomes necessary for teachers to be educated about the red flags or warning signs that might signal the need for a student to be given psychological help. Be it kindergarteners or adolescents, a referral at the right time could solve a lot of problems.




Parenting workshop

 Bringing schools and parents together improves academic and social success for children, which is why we developed our successful workshops that are endorsed by schools and nurseries.  Our workshops cover a variety of topics of interest to all parents and take place within the familiar environment of the school community. With the skills and strategies learned during the workshops, parents can help children grow in confidence and resilience.  We show parents how to get children to cooperate more, to communicate more, to try new things and to persevere – as well as how to do well academically and socially.  Parents learn how to support children in academic, artistic and sporting endeavours - without placing undue pressure on the children.