Academic Toppers

“Getting knowledge is more important than getting a few numbers on sheets of paper”


Bal Bhavan has never been the one to focus on the marks scored by the children but rather the knowledge retained by them. This quality of learning for pleasure and not for grades has been instilled in every student studying in Bal Bhavan.

Bal Bhavan is proud of the results that this practice has brought back . Year after year , the number of boards toppers have always increased . The students are able to perform well in exams because they don’t have the pressure of scoring well on their fragile minds .

The students in such an environment focus not only on their academic knowledge but practical and co-curricular knowledge as well . The school often participates in interschool extramural competitions and the students bring back golden laurels that have studded the reception area of the school with beauty and admiration.

The staff at school understands the difficulties that a child is going through related to academics problems and comes up with intelligent solutions to them. The school holds workshops for students to improve their learning abilities while also holding seminars for teachers for better edifying abilities.

The school also hopes that more and more schools adopt this strategy instead of working with the conventional bookish teaching practices.

It is important to create an intelligent generation than a herd of nerds.