“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status”  -Ken Robinson

Boosting the place of co-curriculum in schools equips the young with the civic spirit, initiative and organisational skills required from them in the real world outside the school. Bal Bhavan held various exhibitions by the name of Aspirations, till date which allows the students to showcase their skills in both creative art and science.

The science exhibitions are held to show the ingenious ideas and model solutions of the students for various global problems. On the other hand creative art and craft is where students of all ages participate to hone, create and display their on point craft deftness.

The Aspirations held for about three days around the time of Diwali, in the art exhibition, student work with clays, paper quills, colours and fabrics to create artful pieces that are exhibited and put on sale for the people and parents who visit.


Year Theme
2019-20 Eco Carnival
2016-17 Make In India
2014-15 Heritage of World
2012-13 Our Interests
2011-12 The Creativity
2010-11 Models