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Aditya Tiwari—A Star Chronicler

Once Upon a time…….

and the magic unfolds. 

Story telling is the most powerful way to weave the imagination into the world and pass on the ideas to the listeners. Stories are figments of our own selves, our perspectives, and our dreams. Aditya Tiwari is one such  master story weaver of class  III who presents and narrates his stories with perfect articulations and modulations. He made his way to the Winners Board and bagged the title of  acclaimed storyteller in two different competitions.  In ‘Young Story Narrator’ he presented a story that talked about kindness and compassion  and  in ‘Young Theatre Performer’ there was a presentation on hazards of pollution.  These competitions were organized virtually across the country and were conducted by Sanjeev Datta Personality School. Congratulations and Best Wishes, we wish this young orator places to go and stories to tell!