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Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there also is love for humanity.

A healthy lifestyle has to be a conscious choice. And simple, nourishing food is the best medicine for wellness. To spread the good word about importance of simple homemade “AUSHADH” the students of classes III to V conducted a Virtual Assembly. The theme of the assembly was to sensitize the children about the importance of Ayurvedic medicines to cure various ailments and illnesses. The assembly commenced with a prayer followed by a rhyme on the significance of trees. The students explained some wonderful ‘Daadi maa ke nuskhe’ for treating minor ailments at home. It was a delight to watch our shining stars telling us about the importance of various plants like Aloe vera, Tulsi and ashwagandha along with myriad other medicinal plants.  All the students zealously participated and were a delight to watch.