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Champs of International HOTS Olympiad

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The students of the school took hold of each and every learning opportunity that came their way and enthusiastically participated in International HOTS Olympiad 2020 organized and conducted by WizKlub. Multiple levels were held and the students were tested not just for their academic prowess but also on the basis of critical thinking, reasoning ability and problem solving skill. The first phase of the Olympiad started in the previous academic session and the much awaited results of the final round have been announced. The students who cleared all the stages with their competence are; From Class II- Kanishka, Shreyaan Jangid, Satvik, Manik Chauhan, Shenaya Kadyan, Yash Gupta, Aadhya Sen, Ananya Shelhawat, Anurag Shekhawat, Aarushi Arora, Sonal, Aadit Negi and Ansh Kapoor; From Class III –Animesh Bhardwaj; From Class IV- Nirbhay; From class VIII- Drishti Sharma. The inspiring dedication shown by them is worth applauds and appreciation. The students have received scholarship worth Rs. 2500/- which could be used for taking training session that will help in further augmenting their technological abilities. Heartfelt Congratulations and Warmest Good wishes to the achievers!