Children’s Day Celebration at BBIS

Childhood defines the happiness in the most unique way. This phase of life is a treasure trove of joyful delights. Children’s Day was celebrated in the school with thoughtfully planned activities. Staffers of the school strategically scheduled the day as per the age group of the students. Preprimary children went to watch an animated picture. A special movie screening was also there for students of class IX and X. Class III to V participated in “Fun Race” and for students of class VI to VIII the day was all about the good feeling of warm sunshine and a One Day Picnic to Lohagarh Farms. Senior students of the school i.e. class XI and XII had “fun unlimited” with sports activities like Musical Chair, Relay Race and Tug of War. Class Parties made the day all the more special. Management of the school extended their good wishes and blessings to the children along with distribution of chocolates in the school. Joyful laughter was shared and precious memories were created through-out the day.