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Earth Day Celebration 

That’s why we celebrate this day, That’s why across the world we say As long as Life, as dear as free, I am the EARTH and the EARTH is me… 

Earth Day Celebration 

The Earth is our Home, so blue and so green; it is up to us to keep it clean. 

A healthy planet is not an option, it’s a necessity. And sooner we realize our responsibility and obligation  to keep our magnificent planet healthy, the better it will be. Earth day is an annual international event  that mobilizes concerted efforts to support environmental protection. This year the theme of the day  “RESTORE OUR EARTH” asserts all of us to come together and free our earth from the clutches of  pandemic, climate change and eco-system destruction. Keeping in toe with the same, the students of the  school commenced this day with Virtual assembly dedicated to the cause. Beautiful renditions, poems,  pledge, thoughts were presented. This was followed by audio-visual presentations that focused on the  dire need to act. Sustainable development was emphasized and students were made to understand the  importance of 5 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish and Restore. Appropriately planned class specific  activities further accentuated the students to be the Earth Saviors. To name a few, there was Earth’s  Crown making, T-Shirt to Bag, Table Décor, Wall Hanging-Embracing Earth, Reuse to Play. Students  pledged to play their part and the day ended with a message: - 

Love and Care for our Earth each Day, we will make this plan, a plan to stay….