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Mother’s Day

You are my mother, my friend so dear .Throughout my life, you’re always near.

A tender smile to guide my way. You’re the sunshine to light my day!


BBIS celebrated Mother’s Day to honour mothers and tell them how intensely we love them and need their support throughout our lives. An appealing function was organized which included rhyme recitations, songs, dance performances and story enactments which mesmerized the audience, as the children put their best foot forward. All performances exalted the mother as God, teacher, friend, philosopher and guide and emphasized the truth that a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.

The celebration also included a competition named “Maa &Paa Day” by class I where girls represented their fathers and on the other hand boys mirrored their mothers and articulated beautiful lines about them. Class activities were also conducted by classes I&II in which students were asked to make a hut out of ice-cream stick with a quote  “home is where mom is” written on it whereas class II students used fabric colors to paint the hut with a quote “I love you mom”  drafted on it.

The day ended with all the children, enjoying themselves and taking back home little TOKEN OF LOVE in the form of cards and fond memories of a day well spent.