Plastic Campaign


Bhavanites Say No to Plastic

Only we humans make the WASTE that nature cannot DIGEST. Single use plastic stands as symbolism for throw-away society. Plastic waste is now found in the remotest of the areas of the planet and has caused irreparable damage to the Marine Life. Our environment is on the verge of losing its balance owing to usage of plastic. Our lifestyle today demands more and more use of disposable products, which contributes a lot to the amount of garbage produced on a daily basis. Resultantly, standing in solidarity of “Ban Single Use Plastic” an awareness campaign was launched in the school. The purpose of this activity was to create mindfulness about the negative effects of using plastic. Students got dressed as different objects made from plastic and carried out a procession raising slogans, carrying placards and distributing paper bags on their way. The young brigade proclaimed the message loud and clear, “The future is in our hands and we can make it better by making more conscious choices and acting more responsibly”. Plastic in all forms is choking our planet and we have to stand up against it and act now.