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“We may have different religions, different languages or different colored skin

But we all belong to one Human race…One Nation”

The essence of the beauty of our country is the Unity in Diversity that we exhibit. Our nation is known to harbinger different religions, languages, cultures but still all are united by the feeling of oneness.

 This oneness was celebrated through a series of activities scheduled though pout a week so as to reach out to each young mind of BBIS and make them realize the richness of our nation. The students of Class 1 cherished the week with activities like:

Day 1: The students were introduced to the different religions that are followed in India.

Day 2: The students learned how to greet in a few languages along with the popular festivals that are celebrated.

Day 3: The students were introduced to the different Places of Worship and holy books of the different religions.

Day 4: The students had fun learning the different kinds of clothes that people wear.

Day 5: The week long learning concluded with enlightening each mind with ‘God is One’ and we must respect every religion equally.

Throughout the week the students enriched their feeling of oneness, enhanced their vocabulary and language skills.