Science Exhibition

Science is a way of thinking, much more than it is a body of knowledge.

The essence of education lies in teaching the students to think creatively and to know how to learn. This was the idea behind organizing "Science Exhibition" for Students of class III to X. The displayed Exhibits communicated the ideas and scientific temperament of the young learners. Enthusiastic participants demonstrated the working of their model, the scientific principles behind them and the usage of the exhibit. The projects included Toy from Trash, Drowsy Activator, Surveillance Car, Carbo-absorber, Digital Pen, Advanced River Boat system, Space X Time, Magical Brush, Grass Paper, Smoke Absorber, Security Robotic Machine, Drones and many many more. A corner of the exhibition was dedicated to display of scientific paraphernalia. The Exhibition started with formal inauguration and Lamp lighting by the Vice Principal, Dr Jaspreet Kaur. This was followed by visit of all the stalls and tables filled with creative displays. Students of the school took turns to visit the exhibition and could be seen asking questions and settling their doubts. The magic of science had indeed amazed them.  This exhibition made students more confident, creative, future-ready, and learners for life.