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Walk to Work Day

Walking to work is a great way to get more physical activity and have an active commute.


‘Walk to Work Day’ is a chance to change up your routine, add a little more time to it, and see how a slower start to your day can lead to a more efficient life overall. In this age of growing awareness about how being sedentary effects our health, walking to work can make a huge difference in our lives, and our lifespans. Of course, the heart of Walk to Work Day isn’t just based in our physical and emotional health, but actually concerns itself with the health of the planet as a whole.

 'Walk to Work Day' was celebrated on April 6,2019 in order to promote the healthy lifestyle amongst the citizens of the country. To spread the awareness the Bhavanites took the initiative and a walkathon was organised in the surrounding areas. To do the same the students of class VI to VIII encouraged people to walk for all or part of their commute to work and aim for a minimum 15-minute walk each way. They also encouraged them to take public transportation, try walking to a further stop before boarding, or getting off a stop early and walking the rest of the distance to work.  They gave away a strong message through their slogans that Walk to Work Day helps to reconnect us with our environment in some very important ways. Walk to Work Day helps you reduce carbon emissions, add some healthy movement to our day, and generally appreciate the world around you more. Overall it was a great effort by Bhavanites which was applauded by one and all.