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World Health Day

I seek your blessings, O lord! Let your Power of Healing be vested in my hands!

Lo and behold the hands were bestowed with the knowledge of First Aid.

Health and well-being is what one seeks in life. We always aspire to live healthy and happy. To celebrate the joyous feeling of being healthy, World Health Day is celebrated worldwide that marks the day being dedicated to the wealth of health. Sub sequentially healthy living is also associated with the knowledge of First Aid. Undeniably getting acquainted with this skill can prove to be the life saviour. Considering the importance of First Aid BBIS Dwarka organized a workshop for the students of class 7th. For this Dr T C Gupta, Deputy Commissioner (St John Ambulance Brigade) was invited to the school campus. Dr Gupta, a highly proficient expert in the field, gave a hands-on demonstration of the First Aid related to respiratory diseases, CPR and other medical emergency situations. He made the students his apprentice and helped them in enacting the situations to understand it better. The day turned out to be well spent with the students now equipped with the POWER to HEAL…