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A profound tribute to our Founder Chairman

23rd Dec is the sad day when the school’s Founder Chairman was called away. Today after one long year, on this day BBIS Dwarka paying well deserved tribute through following documentary in his memory.

Cultural Functions
Sports Events
Interschool Competitions
Dare to think beyond, Challenge the Conventional-- Develop, create and exhibit. An exhibition is that perfect platform which makes the child to transcend the boundary between idea and reality. It provides a stage to showcase aptitude twined with talent. Subsequentially understanding the relevance of the same BBIS Dwarka organized an Exhibition in its premises.
Society is made up of the values bestowed on it by its culture. Rich heritage and vividness of the culture adds colours and hues. It brightens up and enlivens the life of the people. In the journey of life Culture adds much needed diversity. India, being a secular state has plethora of cultural legacy and inheritance.
Where else can one learn team spirit, bonding, peer- building, discipline and the persistent determination to take the huddles head-on, but sports. It teaches you the mantra, “All for one and one for all”. It is on the grounds that one learns the unforgettable lessons of life.
To compete is to bring out the best in oneself. Its an opportunity to wear your thinking hat, sharpen your skills and demonstrate the best of your abilities. Each competition is a prospect to introspect. Winning and losing being an integral part of competing, it teaches how not just success but even failures can teach you.

Academic Toppers

In this current tech-savvy generation, the conventional methods of teaching might lay the foundation of education but in today’s scenario of cutting-edge competition, rigorous and unconventional means to teach is inevitable. Our school provides the students with ‘smart classes’ to give their imagination, understanding level and catching power kick acceleration.


The cultural and heritage club has been introduced to the school’s clubs to encourage student’s interest, participation, and responsibility in the ingenious field through a medium of creative art and literary curriculum & Scope. The inventiveness is to provide social, cultural and recreational activities for the school. The Club provides inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group activities.

Placements / Internships

There are great moments for all of us that besides achieving great standards in the field of education, Bal Bhavan International School has fulfilled its responsibility of physical health of its students. The constant effort to develop all round personality of a child has always been the endeavour that has now resulted in excellence in the area of sports.