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A profound tribute to our Founder Chairman

23rd Dec is the sad day when the school’s Founder Chairman was called away. Today after one long year, on this day BBIS Dwarka paying well deserved tribute through following documentary in his memory.

Our little furs (Toddlers and Kindergarten Section) spreading their feathers to fly away. They are the future of our generation and are moulding themselves to find their individuality. And undoubtedly, the coordinator Ms. Rashmi Bhandari has been tremendously make her efforts and has indeed achieved success in teaching these furs how to fly high. She manages and always succeeds in handling these highly energetic kids. Every day activities and celebrations of all kind of days, keeps the team busy and on toes.
The Primary Wing (III – V) is well known as Plumes here in BBIS. This section is headed by our efficient coordinator Ms. Babita Srivastava. She through her innovative ideas keeps struggling to give the child best as much as one can.
The Middle Segment (VI – VIII) comes under this category. After the pampering stage, here the students are taught discipline through playful and kind attention. They are also taught to learn while doing through lot of activities, such as: special assemblies, street plays, recitation, cultural events, involvement in art and craft etc.
The last stage where the birds are ready to fly away is the senior most category i.e. from (IX-XII). Here the PGT’s and counsellor give a thorough attention on child’s wellbeing and personality. The team maintains and manages the balance between curricular and academics. And keep striving for the harmonious development of the adolescents.


In this current tech-savvy generation, the conventional methods of teaching might lay the foundation of education but in today’s scenario of cutting-edge competition, rigorous and unconventional means to teach is inevitable. Our school provides the students with ‘smart classes’ to give their imagination, understanding level and catching power kick acceleration.


The cultural and heritage club has been introduced to the school’s clubs to encourage student’s interest, participation, and responsibility in the ingenious field through a medium of creative art and literary curriculum & Scope. The inventiveness is to provide social, cultural and recreational activities for the school. The Club provides inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group activities.


There are great moments for all of us that besides achieving great standards in the field of education, Bal Bhavan International School has fulfilled its responsibility of physical health of its students. The constant effort to develop all round personality of a child has always been the endeavour that has now resulted in excellence in the area of sports.