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Bal Bhavan International School is an acclaimed futuristic school that is dedicated towards serving the society by providing a learning milieu that fosters holistic development of the child. The quintessence culture of the school resonates with teaching of humanistic values, core life skills and excellence in academics. The pedagogy adopted by the school has led to dynamic and productive amalgamation of scholastics, sports and co scholastics; which is further aligned with the ethos of new National Education Policy..

A profound tribute to our Founder Chairman

23rd Dec is the sad day when the school’s Founder Chairman was called away. Today after one long year, on this day BBIS Dwarka paying well deserved tribute through following documentary in his memory.

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Our power of choice is untrammelled & when nothing prevents.

BBIS Infrastructure—360°

A school is driven by its educational vision and the school building is the facilitator to turn that vision into reality. The artistically designed building of the school imbibes a sense of pride; it defines and quantifies the values and ethos of the school. With opulent green area, abundant natural light and ample moving space the infrastructure of the school stands firmly with the idea of long term sustainability.


Atal Tinkering Lab–A flagship venture of Niti Aayog as part of Atal Innovation Mission that aims at fostering innovative ideas and turning today’s science into tomorrow’s reality. Specifically equipped with mandatory apparatus and technology this work space is based on the concept, ‘The value of an idea lies in the using of it”.

Open air auditorium

The theatre is open to the sky that stimulates the imagination of the audience; it also has a stage that adopts and adapts the vivacious and magnificent performances of the children. It provides a perfect platform to fight the stage fright and to build up the confidence to “Address the World”.

Shooting Range

The school building boosts of an in-house shooting practice range managed by Mc Easa Shooting Academy. Herein the aspirants of the shooting sport can learn and augment their skill.


The playground of the school is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of the child’s capacities and talents. This is the place where life’s most important lessons are learnt. The widespread playground of the school is the perfect place to hone the spirit of sportsmanship.



Special Occasions- Morning Assembly“In Conversation With”—BBIS Talk ShowJhalak


Discover our school’s vibrant essence through captivating visuals in our gallery section. Explore memorable events, student projects, and cherished moments reflecting our diverse talents and achievements. Join us in celebrating our dynamic community!

Excellence In Teaching And Learning

At our school, we are committed to fostering a culture of excellence in teaching and learning. The “Excellence in Teaching and Learning” initiative is a testament to our dedication to providing students with an exceptional educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Excellence In Teaching And Learning

  • Diverse Learning Paths

  • Enriching Extracurriculars

  • Global Exposure

  • Career Readiness

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