Sr. Co-ordinator


Classes VI to VIII

“Our children are only as brilliant as we allow them to be”.

Believing that education harnesses imagination and empowers creativity, she mentors and guides the children from class VI to VIII. Under her direction the young minds with boundless energies are tackled resourcefully by channelizing their unique abilities to the best of capabilities. She focuses on harmonious development of body, mind and soul thus inculcating a right attitude towards life. Inspiring to aspire she renders her duties meticulously by planning and preparing for everything to the minutest details. As she puts it, “We are not just teachers, we are the managers of the world’s greatest resource-Children”.


Classes IX to XII

As the coordinator of class IX to XII she prepares and trains the young adults to understand the realms of life, and to form fair and justified perceptions and opinions.
 Teenagers with all their social and peer pressure are tactfully handled by her. At the same time, she also sees to it that the students stay focused on their academics. With wisdom, born out of experience, she handles the children with considerate sensitivity. Duly understanding that the children of this age group are on the threshold of a major change in their lives, physically and emotionally, she makes sure that individual identity of the child along with his self -respect is not hampered in any way. Creating a well-proportioned environment for the students she strives to balance academics, sports, discipline and cocurricular activities.  
As put upon by her: Facilitate Thinking-Engage Minds- Encourage Learning.