Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community and when we share, we open doors to a new beginning.’

Care and share club is a platform which gives an opportunity to the students to inculcate the value of loving and caring. In order to infuse the moral values of caring and sharing, BBIS actively participates to help the local community and truly demonstrates the motto of ‘Service above self.’ Not only does sharing bring them joy, it teaches them the importance of taking care of others. This makes them learn to care. To instil in them the bond of being connected and to enhance their belongingness towards the society, students visit orphanages and old age homes to share joy, feeling of warmth and happiness. They distribute food and sweets during festivals. They volunteer to distribute woollens during winters. They also contribute by donating their old books and toys to the needy and under- priviledged children. They feel proud to be a useful member of the society and imbibe the value ‘Sharing is multiplying.’ These humanitarian aids enable them to expand their outreach and increase their impact within local and global communities. In this way they learn to serve even more people in need around their surroundings.