Maths Lab

Aims at creating a sensory learning that ignites students’ thoughts and help them explore by engaging with immersive tools and experiences. School provides a space to explore and design new activities and take students beyond the curriculum. It builds inherent interest and confidence in the students towards learning and doing mathematics.

School has an appropriately equipped with statistical calculators, rulers, protractors, graph papers, white board, black board, pencil, compass etc that are needed for the students of math discipline. Students are taught with the help of demonstrating the experiments to develop a better understanding of the lessons.

School math lab act as a concomitant between teacher and junior mathematicians. It provides an opportunity to discover the beauty and relevance of mathematics and also provides a glimpse of what is beyond. A classroom being a mixture of heterogeneous potentials and psychologies, establishment of math lab provides hands­-on experience, scope for new innovations fostering brain power and interest.