Fee Rules

  1. The school  fees  is  payable in Quarterly  Installments  at  the  school counter during office hours i.e. between 8.30 am to 01.00 pm.
1st Quarter (April-June) April (1st - 15th April)
2nd Quarter (July - September) July (1st - 15th July)
3rd Quarter (October - December) October (1st - 15th October)
4th Quarter (January - March) January (1st - 15th January)


  1. Delay in payment of fees after the 15th of every quarter month is liable for payment of fine.


  1. Fees should not be sent with students.


  1. To simplify your engagement with the school, we are pleased to inform you about the ONLINE FEE COLLECTION from school website (www.bbisdw.com) wherein you will be able to pay your ward’s fee ONLINE.

     5. Fee Structure (2023-24)