Jr. Co-ordinator


With extreme tenderness, compassion and warmth she takes care of the blooming innocent buds of the school. She renders her duty of being the Coordinator for classes Nursery to 2 with extreme diligence and zeal. Patience and benevolence are her strengths. She firmly believes in giving wings to myriad imaginations of young inquisitive minds and makes sure that they are raised in an environment that makes them expressive and independent. She harmoniously balances the overall development of the child by providing hands on learning experience.  She lets the Children be themselves, but at the same time knows that this is the age to imbibe values and morality deep down. She firmly stands by; “Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.”

For any assistance or queries, you may reach her at 01149997910







Nine Tenths of Education is Encouragement.
--- Anatole France---

In order to prepare responsible citizens with healthy mindset, schools have a major role to play. Being the proactive members of the society, it is essential that the children are motivated for the multifaceted development. It is important that pupils are encouraged to do the best until they know better and then do better so that they could grow in the era of excellence exponentially. We all know that the future of the world is in the classroom today. When we prepare our students with a clear sense of foresight then they will possess an edge and be a notch above the rest. My wish for all the lovely children is, "You continue, continue to be who you are and astonish the world with your act of Kindness."