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Inter School Champs!

The whole of science is nothing more than refinement of everyday thinking. 

Albert Einstein

Curiosity has its own reason of existence; it stimulates inquisitiveness and leads towards innovations and inventions. We have always encouraged our students to adopt the habit of keen imagination and this has indeed yielded astonishing advances by the young challengers. In ATL Tinker Fest organized by S. D Public School; Aalap Chakraborty and Hardit Bhatia of class VII presented their model on Sustainable Development and secured IIIrd position. In the same event Kunal Bedi and Harshul Chand of class VII presented their App based on Virtual Teaching/Learning and secured IIIrd position. In yet another science and technology oriented Inter school Competition organized by Mayur Public School; Kunal Bedi and Harshul Chand of class VII secured Ist position with their Agro App on ; Ashish Baweja and Shreyan Sharma of class IX bagged IInd position with their  App presentation; Savitri Sabharwal and Devyanshi Sharma of class VIII got IIIrd position by presenting Digital Toilet and Garv Garg of class XI, Bhavya Garg of class X got IInd position for their autonomous drone. The school appreciates the efforts put in by their mentor Ms Geetika and congratulates the budding innovators.