Vedic Maths Workshop

Vedic Maths is a collective name given to a set of sixteen mathematical ‘Sutras’ or formulas. It is a magical tool that improves mental calculations and helps to strengthen the mathematical concepts.  With this in view, a workshop was organized on Vedic Mathematics for students of class VI - VIII. The resource person for the lecture was Dr. B. Sai Kiran, who is Vedic Math & Memory Trainer of International repute and has delivered lectures on Vedic Math and Vedic Memory in 10 Countries across the World. He has also created Guinness World Record, 5 World Records & 2 National Records in the category of Maths & Memory and is the only person in the World to perform the Cryptic World Memory Feat, after 2400 years.  He shared the brilliance of Vedic mathematics and taught few tricks to the students to calculate faster and with accuracy. He gave various examples and in hand practice to the students to grasp the tricks spontaneously. Students showed keen interest and participated in the workshop with zeal and enthusiasm.