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Webinar on Child Labor

BBIS observes World Day Against Child Labor

“Elimination of Child Labor is a Shared Responsibility.” 

We all carry a moral obligation to raise our voice against child labor.  The abolition of this social evil calls for dutiful action. All the children deserve to live their childhood- happy, healthy and safe. The United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals consist of eradication of Child Labor from the face of the Earth. This year’s World Day Against Child Labor focuses on action taken for, “International Year for Elimination of Child Labor”.  The students of the school took an active and engaging part in raising the awareness against the crime of child labor and attended an interactive webinar organized by South West District Legal Services Authority.  A video presentation at the start of the webinar buildt the momentum and provided grim statstics to all the attendees. Vice Principal, Ms. Jaspreet Kaur, delivered the introductory speech and greeted the Special guest and speaker with gratitude. Special Address in the webinar was made by Ms. Manu Goel Kharab, Secretary DLSA. The keynote speaker for the webinar was Ms. Swati Jha, who is heading child helpline program with Bachpan Bachao Aandolan. Ms Swati addressed the audience, briefed them about the reasons behind child labor, human trafficking, procedure involved in rescuing the children from the vicious trap and the solutions thereby.  She also shared her experience of working under the guidance of highly acclaimed social activist, Noble Laureate, Sh. Kailash Satyarthi. She urged the students to contribute, to raise their voice and do their bit in making their area, their city and eventually their country free from the clutches of child labor. 

May the vision of making the world free from Child Labor become a reality. Amen!