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World Heritage Day- A call for Collective Community Efforts

Culture, heritage, Crafts and Festivals are the dimensions and aspects of a Country. These defines the uniqueness of the individuals and on the other hand serve as a bond that ties people into set of beliefs and traditions. Each year 18 April is world-wide observed as International Day for Monuments and Sites or World Heritage Day. It is celebrated to maintain the legacy and save the rich heritage which has been given to us by our ancestors. The theme allocated to this day for this year is, “COMPLEX PAST-DIVERSE FUTURE”.  The students of the school were shown explanatory videos wherein the teachers discussed about the importance of the day and also the shared efforts required thereby to preserve our Heritage. The presentation was followed by Quiz Activity titled “Identify the Monument”. The students of classes VI to X also had integrated activities where they made posters, travel brochures, pamphlets on Heritage Sites. Students got the message loud and clear that it is WE who have to take the responsibility and understand our complex past that will definitely give way to diverse future.